A Harrowing Onset: Chapter 1

SOAC Fever


A group of Omerian students decided to enter this competition. They lived in a northern Omeron region by the ocean, in a medium-large town called KotisRye. This group consisted of seven freshmen:

The group began working on their project a couple months before winter break. They decided to develop a new efficient and powerful propulsion system. They began holding meetings to work on this at Wade’s house. During these meetings, Wade’s father would drop by from time to time looking like something very heavy was on his mind.

On the way to these meetings, Wolan started to notice a strange set of bicycles parked out in front of a supermarket. They’re were six of them, and they were all identical bikes, appropriate for an adult male to ride. Upon further investigation, he found that each bike had a lock, all set to the same combination.

In the mean time, Areana helped out her mother, who was trying to go back to college. It is there that she met Dr Xyn, whom her mother was clearly trying to make a good impression on. Xyn warned Areana that the SOAC project was dangerous. Maybe it would be safer to go on the second or third civilian spacecraft. Areana stated that it was a great opportunity and remained resolved to move forward.


Wade started getting worried about his father acting so strange lately. He called his sister, Amerka, but she didn’t know about anything strange going on with dad either. After some investigation, Wade found a manila envelope with pictures of himself at school. The pictures looked to be taken from a car. Wade started to suspect that his father may be involved in something dangerous, and his son’s life is being used as a threat.


Wolan saw a Mysterious Man dressed in a red satin gi. He was in a massive metal room, with low artificial walls created what looked like either a work or living space. A man that was hazy approached him, and as he approached, Wolan saw that the Mysterious Man had a hazy mist he was sifting through with his hands. In the mist, Wolan could see himself sleeping in bed. The hazy figure asks
“Are you sure that’s safe?” “Yes, it is fine. Everything is going very well”, he replied. The room started to get lighter, and when it became very bright, Wolan woke up in his own bed.

Yuko found herself in the dark reaches of space, staring at a clay wall. She began to dig through it frantically. Once on the other side, the wall started to collapse, followed closely by the universe. Then, with a bright flash of light, she awoke in the middle of class, standing up abruptly in her chair.


Wolan decided to pursue the crazy bike lock incident. He determined that some of the numbers may refer to a date in the future, and as he stood around outside the supermarket, he was approached by a man in a hoodie.

The man walked up to him slowly and gave him a flyer. The man then walked off. It was an advertisement for Felix Bowrworthy’s small run down movie theater. Wolan pieced together that the flyer matched a movie and time with the numbers on the bike locks. He decided to share this information with his SOAC project friends, and a group of them went down to the movies.


At the theater, the group decided to see the documentary. In said theater, they found a note suspiciously crumpled up in one of the walk ways. This note had bank account information that led to an account number only safety deposit box.

When they opened the box, the found an oddly shaped stone, propped up by metal wires. The stone was very heavy, and its weight shifted when handled, leading the group to believe that there was something heavy inside the stone. They put it back and left the bank.


The group continued to work on their SOAC project over break.

Experience Awarded: 2 XP, 0 IP



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