A Harrowing Onset: Chapter 10

False Cure


Hamso issued a threat to the gang city to the east. He threatened to fire the cannon at them if they didn’t surrender. Some of them left, but he eventually received a counter threat from them showing a picture of a number of students that were still missing.

The group, once again, decided to invade the city. This time, however, they would do so in more of an espionage-like manner.

On the way, they met up with Nick, who was intent on invading the place himself.

Once inside the town, all the group could see were smears of blood. Nick’s truck was turned over, and they witnessed him suspended in mid air getting his heart ripped out. Hamso contacted them to tell them that the students had mysteriously disappeared from the picture. A red flag was raised at the top of a building in the distance.

The group went to the top of the building and encountered the Mysterious Man. They fought for a while, and eventually the man’s body turned into a hazy type of substance. During the fight, he kept saying “More, More!”. When they defeated him, the mist dispersed.

It was then that the group noticed two fireballs in the sky, which they soon deduced were shuttles coming to pick them up. Soldiers exited the shuttles, and the group’s presence on Oroneal was almost immediately irrelevant.

The shuttles ran for two days, as the students were brought back to Kyuak. No one was allowed to leave the spaceport. A large ship waited there to take them home. General Benetronis was present and after talking with all of the students, he awarded the group with Omerian Medals of Honor. Fresh was awarded an Honorable Ambassador medal instead.

The flight back to Kyuka was peaceful. The entire experience started to seem surreal.



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