A Harrowing Onset: Chapter 2

Symptoms of Fate


The next day at school, Wolan and Yuko took note of a television broadcast about a government cleanup operation going on at Bowrworthy’s theater. Bowrworthy was taken in under suspicion of withholding evidence. Yuko’s friend Huruen quickly distracted Wolan, and the day proceeded normally from that point.

The group decided to go check out the scene.

On the scene, they met up of some police who questioned them if they knew anything about the situation. They withheld any information they had, however the police suspected such and exchanged contact information before parting ways.


Wolan decided it would be best to turn in the information they had uncovered about the security deposit box. He told his parents, and his dad drove him to the law enforcement center. On the way, their car was struck (purposely) by another car in oncoming traffic. Wolan’s father was dazed for a minute, and Wolan got out of the car. Stepping out of the other car was the man in the hoodie who had handed Wolan the theater flyer. His face was bloody and bruised as if he had been badly beaten. He drew a knife and began to pursue Wolan.

Wolan ran as fast as he could, but was not able to avoid getting cut. A strong good samaritan stepped out into the ally way and got a hold of Wolan’s assailant. Wolan quickly ran back to assist his father.

The police arrived shortly, and the Good Samaritan was seen delivering them the unconscious body. He then started asking Wolan some odd questions and saying some strange things: “What do you think about freedom? Do you value it?” “That man tried to take away your freedom in the most horrible way.” “Don’t forget how important freedom is to you and to everyone.”

The police chief picked up Wolan and his father. He agreed to be a go-between for Wolan handing over information the government wanted. Later, Wolan was given thanks from the government for handing the information over. They offered him $15,000 or government assistance in his SOAC project. Wolan took the assistance.


Upon coming home from school, Rai was greeted by his younger sister, Sui. She had called earlier to see if he would go fishing with her, and to her delight, he was up for it when he got home.

While fishing, Sui confessed that she had been approached by a creepy man in a trench coat. He warned her to stay away from Rai so she doesn’t get sick. Rai assured her that he was fine and that he would go to the doctor.

Rai contacted the authorities, who eventually saw he man in question but were unable to question heim. Rai also went to the doctor and was given a clean bill of health.


The group came back from break, ready for a new semester, and driven to work on their SOAC project. They had come up with a solid topic and a name for their group.

SOAC Group: Cerebral Landscape
Leader: None Decided
Topic: Breakthrough Propulsion Engines
Members: Areana, Calico, Chet, Rai, Wade, Wolan, Yuko

The first day back, they met with their SOAC representative, Dr Belvidere. DB was impressed by the bit of presentation they brought on the first day, but warned them that the end game winners of this competition will be those who cut class and make other sacrifices to win.

Also at that meeting, the group got to meet two other groups participating in the SOAC competition.

The first group they met was a group named Bakers. This group is lead by a junior named Baker Stevens. Their topic was making efficient use out of nuclear waste.

SOAC Group: Bakers
Leader: Baker Stevens
Topic: Productive Use of Nuclear Waste
Members: Baker, Kesten, Koban, Misei, Noda, Vesheness

The second group they met came in late, and were called Show Style. This was a group of country kids who wanted to do a project on terraforming.

SOAC Group: Show Style
Leader: Francis Black
Topic: Terraforming
Members: Eve Black, Francis Black, Joe Caperton, Kyle Black, Shawn Oken


On her way home from school, Yuko smelled the thick smell of smoke. She rode her bike in that direction and came across a burning building, and there were screams coming form the building, crying for help.

The next thing she knew, she was standing outside of the building, surrounded by emergency buildings. The fire fighters began to yell at here to get away from the building. She noticed the people who were yelling for help were now being escorted safely to the ambulances. Yuko was still in a daze, and one of the firefighters tackled her out of the burning doorway, which soon after erupted into flame.

The officers and firefighters praised Yuko for her brave help as they rushed her to the hospital. She didn’t remember a thing about helping anyone.


The group had made amazing progress on their SOAC project, and headed out to the regional competition. While there, they were able to see some other projects. For the first round of judging, the judges walked around to each project and picked the top 50 that would be presented on stage. Cerebral Landscape and Bakers were both selected. It was later found out that Show Style was kicked off the premises due to disorderly conduct.

During their on stage performance, Calico found herself enclosed in a clay room. She sat down in the middle of the room and began to panic. Eventually, the ceiling began to cave in. She crawled out of a hole in the ceiling and found that she was on the top of a castle floating in space. Her eyes met with the sun and the vision stopped.

During this vision, the other members of Cerebral Landscape ushered her off stage and recovered well during their presentation. Because of their excellent material, preparation, and recovery, they were able to snag second place.

In first place was a group called Fire Lex, lead by Terrance Lex. Their topic was new industrial and warfare uses for napalm. Terrance made sure to brush shoulders with the group, being forward about his intentions to make them his rival in the upcoming competitions. Bakers placed high enough to go on to nationals as well.

The group headed home with only three months to prepare for nationals.

Experience Awarded: 2 XP, 0 IP



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