A Harrowing Onset: Chapter 4

Manic Voyage, Depressing Termination


Cerebral Landscape and Bakers had both gained a winning spot in the SOAC competition. Back at home, the group spent time with their families before the voyage.

Wade agreed to do media interviews in order to make money to pay of his father’s debt. He did not, however, renounce his ties with the Omerian Mafia, and Bodai gave him the information for a secure radio line to contact once at Kyuak.

Yuko was approached by an investigator named Chester Tanch. He asked her if she remembered anything else from the incident with the burning building, and she couldn’t remember. He told her that he was able to pull a partial DNA result from the victim, and he thinks that the victim may be related to Yuko’s family. Her dad assured her and the detective that no one in the family has died or gone missing. Yuko visited the grave of the unknown person who died in the fire, presumable the one person she was unable to save. She felt a strange connection at the gravestone.

Dr Belvidere told the students that he was the only SOAC sponsor to have two groups who placed. Because of that, he was guaranteed a teaching position aboard the Kyuka no Gyra. He also mentioned that their projects would all be loaded on to give a big presentation on Kyuak.


Cerebral Landscape and Bakers left for Emis to board the Kyuka no Gyra ship. At the launch site, they were able to at last lay their eyes on the enormous rhombus shaped vessel. They were given a brief tour and instructions on how to behave in space. The life support systems were very basic, and there would be no form of gravity during travel.

The ship had a large metallic frame, but the insides where separated into rooms only by low false walls. There was not a large amount of privacy, but everyone aboard was excited to try and get along. Yuko especially made efforts to make relations with the other groups. Even Fire Lex, who had barely placed high enough to qualify, did not give them any ill will.

During the trip, the students attended class, but the lessons were more lecture based, with no focus on tests or homework. There was a large amount of mandatory physical training, including the ever popular Zero G Dodgeball.

During the trip, Wolan hooked up with Misei from Bakers. They started going out early in the trip, and seemed to be happy for the rest of it.


About ten days before the ship was to land on Kyuak, the electrical systems on the ship shorted out. On the monitors in the cafeteria, the students all saw the image of the Mysterious Man standing on the outside of the ship. He had no form of life support, but seemed to be doing just fine. He reached down to part of the ship and removed a canister of Lift Matter. The students were completely unaware that the ship was even carrying any.

A misty haze appeared in space above him as he threw up blood. A metallic spire descended from the haze. The Mysterious Man then struck the ship with a large amount of force, tied himself to the spire, and then lost consciousness. The spire ascended back into the haze, and the man disappeared.

The ship began to feel like it had lost control. The students were ordered to get to safety and fasten in. Dr Belvidere helped the students get to their rooms and had to make do tying himself to one of the beds there. The captain started to assure everyone that everything was under control, but mid broadcast a crash was heard, then a quick sound almost like a gush of wind, and then silence.

The students felt gravity coming back, and the ship crash landed.

Many of the students began to tend to the injured as immediately. Some of the students started to try to get the ship open, and others left to explore the rest of the ship to see the damage. Chet and Wade left to examine the cockpit and the adult deck only to find the cockpit in ruins and the adult deck ablaze.

After warning everyone of the fire, the efforts to get out of the ship increased. The students managed to get the side of the ship open, revealing a vast jungle. They removed as much medical supplies, food, and SOAC projects as they could and ventured into the jungle.

They started to build a small camp outside the crash site. After about a half an hour, two different groups of students took some supplies and left in different directions. Within the next four hours, three more groups did the same. The majority of the students (about 120) stayed at the camp.

That evening, Wade climbed to the top of one of the trees to peek outside of the canopy. It is there that he saw the planet of Kyuak in the sky, realizing now that they had crashed on a moon. He also saw a mountainous area off to the east where it looked like they could get a better vantage point.

Areana salvaged some radio equipment and tried to call for help. She heard chatter on the radio from time to time but could not even recognize the language. None of the students could.

The group made fires and spent the night at their camp. Dr Belivedere went back to the burning ship, and Wade followed him. He recovered the security tape of what was shown on the displays. DB was very convinced that this was some kind of sham and that this Mysterious Man tape was doctored ahead of time.

He met up with Chet and Wolan. The four of them watched the different security footage and noticed that one of the tapes from a different angle revealed another figure involved. It was a Dark Figure with the frame of angel wings on its back. This dark figure observed the Mysterious Man and took two more canisters of Lift Matter before disappearing. DB kept the disc on him.


In the middle of the night, the group started to hear noises from the jungle. DB started to tell everyone to stay calm when a loud gunshot was heard. The bullet hit DB in between the eyes, blowing off the back of his skull. More automatic gunfire was heard, and the students quickly scattered.

Kesten and Baker along with the rest of their group ran off towards the mountains that Wade had spotted earlier. Wade, Calico, and Areana went with them. Wolan grabbed Misei and followed.

Chet ran off towards the burning ship, but eventually made his way into the mountains.

Yuko stayed with Dr Belvidere, removing a pendant from his neck and the disc he had. She grabbed two students who hadn’t fled yet, and fled with them into the mountains.

Rai stayed hidden near the camp, set on getting a glimpse of the assailants. He eventually saw that they looked like humans with machine guns. He safely retreated to the mountains.

The group of 15 hid behind a cliff side as screams and gunfire continued in the camp. They made their way up the mountain and found a cave. They concealed the entrance to the cave as best as they could and started to venture in…



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