A Harrowing Onset: Chapter 5

Contracting the Broken Soul


The group of 15 started to explore the system of caves they had entered into. The two companions that Yuko had grabbed were discovered to not speak Omerian, nor did they seem to understand each other.

The cave was setup with a large main path with a large number of offshoots. The main tunnel lead them into a large room with worked stone. The room was at least 600 yards across, with large tarps hanging on all of the walls. There were stone compartments near the base of the walls that held strange canned food. Some of the compartments seemed cooled and had unspoiled meat in them.

There was a passage leading out of the room that appeared to be collapsed. The group removed the tarps to make rudimentary beds and discovered beautiful murals painted along every inch of the walls. The murals seemed to depict a white planet on the ceiling with angel type creatures with wire-frame wings. Drawn in all directions down the walls was a system of planets. A set of twin planets was identified near the bottom, thought to be Kyuka and Kyuak.

The group was exhausted from the activities and stress. They went to sleep in the large mural room.

That night, they all saw the Mysterious Man talking to another man who was difficult to discern. They were in the same metallic room with false walls that Wolan had seen previously. The Mysterious Man laid in his bed, looking up at a haze that showed the 15 of them resting in the cave. The other man yelled in, “He wants to see you now for a status update”. The Mysterious Man responded, “Wonderful. I have only good news to relay.”. A bright light started to shine in between the two of them. They both reared back as everyone woke up.

Multiple girls in the group woke up screaming at the top of their lungs, and one of the foreigners Yuko had grabbed ran out of the cave. Kesten, Wolan, Wade, and Chet tried to stop him, but in the end, he got away, running off into the jungle.

Yuko and Wolan tried to calm everyone down and confirm that they had indeed seen the same vision they did. Everyone eventually calmed down and finally got some rest.

That morning, the group managed to figure out that the remaining foreigner was named Fresh. Chet and Kesten left to go find some firewood. Fresh showed Wade that he had found a path through the offshoot tunnels that leads to the remove behind the caved in area.

The group started to explore this new room. It had murals as before, depicting a history of war. The race that drew the murals is depicted as being a bug-like people. The last event shown on the mural depicts a traitor among them, a large explosion of light, and ships leaving the moon.

The room had three doors out, two of which lead into pantries. The third door lead into a small room that glowed blue. The group discovered a fungus like creature growing out of the ceiling that emitted a blue light. The room also had some mechanical controls in it. There were stone drawers at the base of the wall as before, but they were locked.

One strange thing about this control room was the feeling that something was amiss with the walls. It was hard to place, but the walls just seemed strange. Yuko tried to figure out what was going on with that, and she became incredibly frustrated. Wolan attempred as well, and became very frustrated, but he located a piece of the wall that his intuitions told him was false.

Areana deduced that the mechanics in the room would not function because they had no power. Wade was able to get the locked compartment open and discovered 12 large containers of a strange blue liquid. They deduced that the liquid was some sort of blood.

While foraging, Chet and Kesten heard a vehicle coming. They hid behind the same cliff as before and peeked out. What they saw was a six-wheeler with two men with machine guns on it. On the back of he six-wheeler was the foreigner who had fled during the night. He was badly beaten and looked to be pointing out the cave. Chet and Kesten fled back into the cave after the vehicle left.

They met up with everyone else in the new room and quickly told them that men with guns may be coming. When they got down there, they started to hear large engines outside the cave entrance. Rai stacked up some crated from the pantries in front of the entrance to the new room.

Wolan just new that there was a way to get through the false wall. He tried dripping some of that blue blood on it, and to everyone’s surprise, the blood went straight through the wall as if it weren’t even there. The sound of the armed men entering the cave got louder, and the group began to drink the blue blood, and after a minute or two, they were able to escape through the false wall.

Shortly after drinking the blood, the group started to lose consciousness. Wade managed to bring all of the blood canisters inside the secret room they had found before falling unconscious.

Each student found themselves in a bright white area with a winged person of the opposite sex in front of them. The person was naked and beautiful. Each person understood that this angel represented their soul.

A crack manifested down the angel’s forehead, and rumbled until their head exploded and deep fissures down their body were gouged. Each person then saw a vision:
  • Areana – A vast land of technology. Working moving parts and gears.
  • Baker – Her father exiting a prison cell, only to be brutally stabbed by herself.
  • Calico – A large fissure appearing down a vast forest.
  • Chet – Himself succeeding in all endeavors throughout his life.
  • Fresh – A psychedelic array of colors constantly shifting.
  • Kesten – Himself kneeling before a Rhota statue in church.
  • Koban – The moon, the world, the universe, and more.
  • Misei – Beautiful monuments, endless in number.
  • Noda – Swords clashing on the side of a volcano erupting with liquid steel.
  • Rai – A large congregation of various animals, with a bear in front leading them all.
  • Vesheness – Herself in a pool of blood, covered from head to toe.
  • Wade – Himself becoming free of all constraints and one with the universe.
  • Wolan – Events throughout his life in fast-forward, slow motion, then in reverse.
  • Yuko – Friends of hers overjoyed, her family stricken with grief, herself lost and confused.



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