A Harrowing Onset: Chapter 7

Clotting the Clan


The group headed out to visit a second ruin in the mountains to the north. Within the ruins they discovered nothing that the EOC hadn’t already documented.

They started to explore the outside of that mountain range, and discovered a road off to the west. The road lead up the mountains a ways and to a small shelf. The shelf was made of beautifully cut granite stone. They noticed markings on the stone as though something had been sitting on the stone and at one time removed.

While investigating, the group heard an explosion or some sort of impact from the south. Their eyes were drawn to EOC No 1 which appeared to have smoke rising from it. Rai used magic to take control of a dog he had become friends with back at the base. He determined that the base was under attack. As a side effect of the spell, Rai’s hearing was enhanced for the better part of that day. Yuko used magic to ban anyone from entering the infirmary who had violent intentions.

The group quickly made their way down to EOC No 1 to assist. On their way, they heard another group of vehicles quickly approaching. By the time they got there, the first wave of assailants had been neutralized. Yuko, Fresh, Baker, and Keston helped with the injured and in the infirmary.

Rai, Wolan, and Wade geared up to help defend. They waited for quite some time, but the vehicles did not arrive. Rai determined with his advanced hearing that the vehicles were waiting for a slower larger vehicle to catch up. Wade parked two enemy trucks in front of the hole in the wall.

The EOC general on site began issuing orders frantically, and the troops started to spread out. A large two-barreled tank had been spotted, and their strategy had to be modified.

The tank blew up the trucks that were plugging the hole in the wall. One of those trucks was launched to the doorway to the base, clogging it. Wade fired a LAW at the tank, and other soldiers started to do the same. Wolan shot up the treads on one side of the tank.

The tank blew a hole in the second story of the base. More LAW rounds disabled the tank cannon, and the tank retreated. On its retreat, the shot-up tank treads snapped, and it wheeled around, stopping at the outside of the wall. The vehicles pored in at this point. Wade continued to fire LAW rounds at them as Wolan shot out their tires. Rai disabled one of the vehicles with spider webs, while also deflecting gunfire with them.

The assailants had been neutralized. The general ordered everyone who could help to help fix up the broken piece in the wall. Fresh was seen staring at one of the dying assailants, and he sat there staring for hours. He eventually told Rai that he is getting out of here.



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