A Harrowing Onset: Chapter 8

Prognosis of War


The day after the attack, Baker approached Yuko and Wade in the cafeteria. She told them that Fresh, Koban, Noda, and Vesheness are up to something and they want to meet this afternoon.

Also that day, news arrived from the infirmary that Calico had awoken. The doctors reported that she had been coughing up a strange blue liquid while unconscious. Once awake, Calico experimented briefly with magic, destroying some objects in the infirmary. Other than having red blood, she seemed to have contracted the same affliction as everyone else.

The group met up in Fresh’s room, which they found had been greatly altered. All of the stuff in the room had been pushed to the walls, and there were numerous computer systems online. In the middle of the room on the floor was a set of vertical mirrors that had been cut into one large circle.

Noda told the group that he had discovered that Erels went to war, and that they are not accepting communications from Oroneal at this time. He was concerned as to why the EOC failed to tell any of the students about this development.

Koban showed the group that he has found some of the missing students. He showed them a vision of a room with a dead female student laying on a table with her mouth open. A man with large piercings through his temples was eating something inside her stomach with chopsticks.

He then showed that nearby there is a prison system that has at least three more girls who are being held captive. One of the girls was in Fresh’s project group. Koban admitted that there are certain things he just can’t see, and he was unsure as to if there were more prisoners or not.

Fresh explained that he saw the same prison scene when he looked through the enemy soldier he had been staring at. His vision, however, was not as clear, and he thinks the man in the vision may have seen him back.

Fresh told the group that the four of them would be going to rescue those girls and any other students that may be held captive there. The place they are being held is an old EOC base that has been taken over by one of the gangs. It has seems to have potent defenses. Anyone else is invited to come help.

The group was cautious about this invitation but eventually admitted that it is really something they had to do. Kesten mentioned that as much as dangerous as the Affliction is, they may need to embrace it to gain the upper hand in an otherwise hopeless battle.

Vesheness agreed, and confided in the group that she has done an incredibly large amount of testing with magic. She told them of a spell called Soul Sight that allowed them to see things as they are through the lens of their Chakra. She also discovered that magic is unreliable at best. It seems fairly common for spells to have side effects. She speculated that the visions they keep seeing of the Mysterious Man spying on them is possibly a side effect of his own scrying spells.

Koban mentioned that the initial men with guns who raided the shipwreck seem to still be up there. It may be worth something to go get their projects so they have some high quality equipment to bring to bear. There was a group they were engaged with as the students initially fled from their cave, and maybe it would be a good idea to make peace with an enemy of our enemy.

Vesheness sheepishly made the group aware that her and Fresh had already talked to the EOC general about this and they got into quite an inappropriate argument. She believes that Fresh and herself will be kicked out or detained because of it. This will happen when blood flow resumes to that memory in the general’s brain, about 2 days from now.

The group decided that making amends with the general would be their best option. Yuko accompanied Fresh and Vesheness to apologize to the general. He took it quite well, but did have a private conversation briefly with Fresh which neither of them have spoken of.

They decided to rest up for a week, as many of them were injured.


All 14 of the students left as a convoy to the north to reclaim their projects.


The group arrived in the jungle about 200 yards away from the enemy camp. As the got closer, the started hearing tribal sounding music. Rai became like a chameleon, and Koban removed himself from perception. Rai, Wade, and Koban sneaked into the camp and observed that the men with guns were having some sort of loud ceremony. They started sneaking around the camp attempting to stealthily remove some of the weapons that were just laying around haphazardly.

Meanwhile, a the group hanging back with the convoy noticed someone sneaking up behind them. They went on the offensive and forced the rogue to show themselves, and to their surprise, it was a student from the Kyuka no Gyra. The student was relieved as well, and started talking to Fresh in Emis. Fresh conveyed that he was here with a group of about 30 students based in a cave a few miles north. Terrance Lex was leading the group, and they had found what seemed to be a stockpile of alien laser weapons. They have been having skirmishes with this tribe for months. Fresh left with the student to go get Terrance and put an end to this tribe once and for all.

A bit later, as the chanting got much louder, Terrance Lex returned with a few more people. He was very happy to see the other students, completely forgetting about their petty rivalry. Of the 30 students he was keeping safe, 12 of them had become gunners. Once they arrived, the group descended on the tribe.

Wade opened the fight with an immaculately placed grenade. Rai used the roar of the lion to scare them, and Yuko controlled their emotions to make them consider their better judgement and flee. Not a single student was hurt, and the entire tribe was killed or fled. One in particular, who had a gun cursed by Areana, got snagged and tangled up in a tent.

In the camp, about 80 or so bodies of dead students were identified. The group spent all night burying the dead. They eventually returned to Terrance’s base in the mountain cave, taking a select few of their projects with them.

The cave in the mountain was made of clean steel. It lead into a large area with six hangers. In one of the hangers was one of those bug people Mechs. Areana determined that it was not functional due to lacking fuel. Wolan determined that the necessary fuel was Lift Matter. The group was not powerful enough to use magic to create Lift Matter.

The large group of students held a party into the early evening. Rimosa from Skew Maws had grown a large amount of chicken, and everyone drank and feasted.

Fresh took a blood sample of himself and Calico to try and see why her blood didn’t turn blue. During his research he isolated the part of the blood that shows The Affliction. Calico had it all the same, the color and other factors were just different. Fresh also thought he happened upon a cure for The Affliction. However, when he tried it, all that happened is that he threw up blue blood and his blood turned red.


The students recovered their projects and medical supplies from the camp and finished burying the remaining dead. Terrance Lex and his crew were on board for the rescue mission, and the planning of such mission commenced. The plan was to split up and tackle the following issues:
  • Get Information about the fallen EOC base
  • Get support from the EOC
  • Get support from the neutral towns



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