A Harrowing Onset: Chapter 9

Amputating the Malignant


One group of students (including Yuko and Wolan) headed out to the main EOC base to try and rally support there. To their surprise, the general had fallen ill, and his position was being filled by lieutenant Hamso. Hamso was eager to help with an attack on the fallen EOC base. He also referred to the group as witches, hinting at the fact that he has realized something supernatural is going on.

Another smaller group (including Noda and Rai) made their way to the city to the south. They managed to gather support by rallying the town to ransack the fallen base’s oil drills.

The group scouting out the fallen base (including Wade, Calico, and Areana), quickly learned that the base has two very large cannons that fire at incredible velocities. The security is otherwise fairly tight as the building was surrounded by trucks and men with guns.


The group, along with the EOC army and disgruntled townies invaded the fallen EOC base. Rai diffused the cannons using acid.

The group headed inside where things quickly turned into a hostage situation. Then man in charge there was holding female students captive and demanding his safe passage out. During negotiations, he shot Yuko and nearly killed her. Terrance tried to get in the way, but the bullets went through both of them. From the blood contact, Terrance contracted the affliction. Immediately, rings of purple runs exploded out of his body as the enemies lit on fire. The group got the situation under control, saving all of the girls.

The group spent about a month and a half preparing for whatever was next. The fixed up the cannon and found that it fired dirty lift matter. Yuko kept a detailed list of all of the students that had been found and those known to still be missing. Noda commenced study on the alien weaponry.



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