The Many Folds: Prelude


Interlude / Prelude

Cerebral Landscape, along with some other students rescued during the SOAC incident had made it safely back to Kyuka. As they finished off high school, their group got smaller and smaller.


When Cerebral Landscape returned to Kyuka, it was in the middle of their junior year in high school. They would end up working very hard to make up all the classwork they had missed.

Shortly after returning, Vesheness was hospitalized for PTSD. While on Oroneal she was able to keep a level head. However, once she saw her family and old friends, she was overcome with guilt and depression over what transpired during the SOAC incident.

She admitted to consuming large amount of blood and euthanizing dozens of people in need of medical care. The confession was leaked to the media, and tabloid/pop news sources started calling her the Vampire of Oroneal. Shortly after that, she was admitted to a mental facility in KotisRye.


The Akidura family is infamous in most circles of the underworld. Wolan and Wade would soon become privy to this knowledge as well. With the promise of protection from Akidura house, Wade left the Omerian Mafia. He left on peaceful terms however.

Wolan met Misei’s parents for the first time. They were uncomfortably strict and serious, only forcing the occasional joke, clearly just for their daughter’s benefit. Misei was not really embarrassed by this, and seemed to get along with her parents very well.

Wolan and Wade would both learn that the rumors of the Akidura presence in the underworld are mostly true. They are involved in most types of organized crime, however they are particularly infamous for their effective assassins. Many political leaders across Kyuka who were assassinated are thought (by certain circles) to have been killed by one of the Akidura men.

Misei would confide in Wolan that her cousin Gasagi is one such assassin. The chance to meet with Gasagi never came up.


Kesten, who was a senior when he left for SOAC, finished out his schooling at the end of that year. He left KotisRye to start his training in the Rentaysa church.

That summer, Wade attempted to get closer to Baker. She was very receptive to having new friends, especially with Kesten having left. However, she still kept her distance from any sort of romantic involvement.

While hanging out, the group actually witnessed the reason behind this. At a mall in KotisRye, a guy started flirting with Baker and being quite overbearing. He put his arm around her and put his face real close to her’s. As what seemed like a physical reaction, she locked up and soiled herself. The man insulted her and left. Baker claims that she cannot control these kinds of things, but she was still beyond embarrassed to have her friends see that. She started going to a psychiatrist to try and get better. She hinted that she wouldn’t mind being able to be more to someone than just a friend, but she needs to get better first.


After the first semester of their senior year, Koban managed to graduate early. He left KotisRye to pursue a college degree.


A year after the students returned from the SOAC incident, a large funeral was held for all of the students that had been lost. Noda and some other students spoke at the funeral. This was the last real contact the group had with Fresh. He mentioned to them that he would be getting very busy with his personal life. True to his word, his presence dropped off of online social networking, and the group has not heard from him since.


The remainder of the students graduated, including Cerebral Landscape. Noda started a business to market the alien power generation technology he had been studying. The group of students still in KotisRye started a business to further research and develop their SOAC projects and other super science endeavors.


The business formed by the former students was payed a visit by General Benetronis. He offered them a job investigating paranormal occurrences all over the world. In particular, he mentioned that he is actively tracking Oda, which the group recognized as the Mysterious Man in red. He could help them track Oda down and investigate other abnormal phenomenon in order to gain a better understanding of themselves.

He also revealed that an inside man at Outer Century (who has since then gone missing) was able to retrieve a list of “black projects” that the company was carrying out. One such project was titled “Selection of Affliction Candidates”. This was undoubtedly the SOAC competition the group took part in. Outer Century would also be actively investigated.

He left the group with pictures of locations that seemed to have an odd aura about them. One picture in particular had light shining on it as if to highlight it. The picture was that of some mountains during a sunset.


The group decided to take the general up on his offer. Their investigations would soon begin…



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