The Many Folds: Prelude

Interlude / Prelude

Cerebral Landscape, along with some other students rescued during the SOAC incident had made it safely back to Kyuka. As they finished off high school, their group got smaller and smaller.


When Cerebral Landscape returned to Kyuka, it was in the middle of their junior year in high school. They would end up working very hard to make up all the classwork they had missed.

Shortly after returning, Vesheness was hospitalized for PTSD. While on Oroneal she was able to keep a level head. However, once she saw her family and old friends, she was overcome with guilt and depression over what transpired during the SOAC incident.

She admitted to consuming large amount of blood and euthanizing dozens of people in need of medical care. The confession was leaked to the media, and tabloid/pop news sources started calling her the Vampire of Oroneal. Shortly after that, she was admitted to a mental facility in KotisRye.


The Akidura family is infamous in most circles of the underworld. Wolan and Wade would soon become privy to this knowledge as well. With the promise of protection from Akidura house, Wade left the Omerian Mafia. He left on peaceful terms however.

Wolan met Misei’s parents for the first time. They were uncomfortably strict and serious, only forcing the occasional joke, clearly just for their daughter’s benefit. Misei was not really embarrassed by this, and seemed to get along with her parents very well.

Wolan and Wade would both learn that the rumors of the Akidura presence in the underworld are mostly true. They are involved in most types of organized crime, however they are particularly infamous for their effective assassins. Many political leaders across Kyuka who were assassinated are thought (by certain circles) to have been killed by one of the Akidura men.

Misei would confide in Wolan that her cousin Gasagi is one such assassin. The chance to meet with Gasagi never came up.


Kesten, who was a senior when he left for SOAC, finished out his schooling at the end of that year. He left KotisRye to start his training in the Rentaysa church.

That summer, Wade attempted to get closer to Baker. She was very receptive to having new friends, especially with Kesten having left. However, she still kept her distance from any sort of romantic involvement.

While hanging out, the group actually witnessed the reason behind this. At a mall in KotisRye, a guy started flirting with Baker and being quite overbearing. He put his arm around her and put his face real close to her’s. As what seemed like a physical reaction, she locked up and soiled herself. The man insulted her and left. Baker claims that she cannot control these kinds of things, but she was still beyond embarrassed to have her friends see that. She started going to a psychiatrist to try and get better. She hinted that she wouldn’t mind being able to be more to someone than just a friend, but she needs to get better first.


After the first semester of their senior year, Koban managed to graduate early. He left KotisRye to pursue a college degree.


A year after the students returned from the SOAC incident, a large funeral was held for all of the students that had been lost. Noda and some other students spoke at the funeral. This was the last real contact the group had with Fresh. He mentioned to them that he would be getting very busy with his personal life. True to his word, his presence dropped off of online social networking, and the group has not heard from him since.


The remainder of the students graduated, including Cerebral Landscape. Noda started a business to market the alien power generation technology he had been studying. The group of students still in KotisRye started a business to further research and develop their SOAC projects and other super science endeavors.


The business formed by the former students was payed a visit by General Benetronis. He offered them a job investigating paranormal occurrences all over the world. In particular, he mentioned that he is actively tracking Oda, which the group recognized as the Mysterious Man in red. He could help them track Oda down and investigate other abnormal phenomenon in order to gain a better understanding of themselves.

He also revealed that an inside man at Outer Century (who has since then gone missing) was able to retrieve a list of “black projects” that the company was carrying out. One such project was titled “Selection of Affliction Candidates”. This was undoubtedly the SOAC competition the group took part in. Outer Century would also be actively investigated.

He left the group with pictures of locations that seemed to have an odd aura about them. One picture in particular had light shining on it as if to highlight it. The picture was that of some mountains during a sunset.


The group decided to take the general up on his offer. Their investigations would soon begin…

A Harrowing Onset: Chapter 10
False Cure


Hamso issued a threat to the gang city to the east. He threatened to fire the cannon at them if they didn’t surrender. Some of them left, but he eventually received a counter threat from them showing a picture of a number of students that were still missing.

The group, once again, decided to invade the city. This time, however, they would do so in more of an espionage-like manner.

On the way, they met up with Nick, who was intent on invading the place himself.

Once inside the town, all the group could see were smears of blood. Nick’s truck was turned over, and they witnessed him suspended in mid air getting his heart ripped out. Hamso contacted them to tell them that the students had mysteriously disappeared from the picture. A red flag was raised at the top of a building in the distance.

The group went to the top of the building and encountered the Mysterious Man. They fought for a while, and eventually the man’s body turned into a hazy type of substance. During the fight, he kept saying “More, More!”. When they defeated him, the mist dispersed.

It was then that the group noticed two fireballs in the sky, which they soon deduced were shuttles coming to pick them up. Soldiers exited the shuttles, and the group’s presence on Oroneal was almost immediately irrelevant.

The shuttles ran for two days, as the students were brought back to Kyuak. No one was allowed to leave the spaceport. A large ship waited there to take them home. General Benetronis was present and after talking with all of the students, he awarded the group with Omerian Medals of Honor. Fresh was awarded an Honorable Ambassador medal instead.

The flight back to Kyuka was peaceful. The entire experience started to seem surreal.

A Harrowing Onset: Chapter 9
Amputating the Malignant


One group of students (including Yuko and Wolan) headed out to the main EOC base to try and rally support there. To their surprise, the general had fallen ill, and his position was being filled by lieutenant Hamso. Hamso was eager to help with an attack on the fallen EOC base. He also referred to the group as witches, hinting at the fact that he has realized something supernatural is going on.

Another smaller group (including Noda and Rai) made their way to the city to the south. They managed to gather support by rallying the town to ransack the fallen base’s oil drills.

The group scouting out the fallen base (including Wade, Calico, and Areana), quickly learned that the base has two very large cannons that fire at incredible velocities. The security is otherwise fairly tight as the building was surrounded by trucks and men with guns.


The group, along with the EOC army and disgruntled townies invaded the fallen EOC base. Rai diffused the cannons using acid.

The group headed inside where things quickly turned into a hostage situation. Then man in charge there was holding female students captive and demanding his safe passage out. During negotiations, he shot Yuko and nearly killed her. Terrance tried to get in the way, but the bullets went through both of them. From the blood contact, Terrance contracted the affliction. Immediately, rings of purple runs exploded out of his body as the enemies lit on fire. The group got the situation under control, saving all of the girls.

The group spent about a month and a half preparing for whatever was next. The fixed up the cannon and found that it fired dirty lift matter. Yuko kept a detailed list of all of the students that had been found and those known to still be missing. Noda commenced study on the alien weaponry.

A Harrowing Onset: Chapter 8
Prognosis of War


The day after the attack, Baker approached Yuko and Wade in the cafeteria. She told them that Fresh, Koban, Noda, and Vesheness are up to something and they want to meet this afternoon.

Also that day, news arrived from the infirmary that Calico had awoken. The doctors reported that she had been coughing up a strange blue liquid while unconscious. Once awake, Calico experimented briefly with magic, destroying some objects in the infirmary. Other than having red blood, she seemed to have contracted the same affliction as everyone else.

The group met up in Fresh’s room, which they found had been greatly altered. All of the stuff in the room had been pushed to the walls, and there were numerous computer systems online. In the middle of the room on the floor was a set of vertical mirrors that had been cut into one large circle.

Noda told the group that he had discovered that Erels went to war, and that they are not accepting communications from Oroneal at this time. He was concerned as to why the EOC failed to tell any of the students about this development.

Koban showed the group that he has found some of the missing students. He showed them a vision of a room with a dead female student laying on a table with her mouth open. A man with large piercings through his temples was eating something inside her stomach with chopsticks.

He then showed that nearby there is a prison system that has at least three more girls who are being held captive. One of the girls was in Fresh’s project group. Koban admitted that there are certain things he just can’t see, and he was unsure as to if there were more prisoners or not.

Fresh explained that he saw the same prison scene when he looked through the enemy soldier he had been staring at. His vision, however, was not as clear, and he thinks the man in the vision may have seen him back.

Fresh told the group that the four of them would be going to rescue those girls and any other students that may be held captive there. The place they are being held is an old EOC base that has been taken over by one of the gangs. It has seems to have potent defenses. Anyone else is invited to come help.

The group was cautious about this invitation but eventually admitted that it is really something they had to do. Kesten mentioned that as much as dangerous as the Affliction is, they may need to embrace it to gain the upper hand in an otherwise hopeless battle.

Vesheness agreed, and confided in the group that she has done an incredibly large amount of testing with magic. She told them of a spell called Soul Sight that allowed them to see things as they are through the lens of their Chakra. She also discovered that magic is unreliable at best. It seems fairly common for spells to have side effects. She speculated that the visions they keep seeing of the Mysterious Man spying on them is possibly a side effect of his own scrying spells.

Koban mentioned that the initial men with guns who raided the shipwreck seem to still be up there. It may be worth something to go get their projects so they have some high quality equipment to bring to bear. There was a group they were engaged with as the students initially fled from their cave, and maybe it would be a good idea to make peace with an enemy of our enemy.

Vesheness sheepishly made the group aware that her and Fresh had already talked to the EOC general about this and they got into quite an inappropriate argument. She believes that Fresh and herself will be kicked out or detained because of it. This will happen when blood flow resumes to that memory in the general’s brain, about 2 days from now.

The group decided that making amends with the general would be their best option. Yuko accompanied Fresh and Vesheness to apologize to the general. He took it quite well, but did have a private conversation briefly with Fresh which neither of them have spoken of.

They decided to rest up for a week, as many of them were injured.


All 14 of the students left as a convoy to the north to reclaim their projects.


The group arrived in the jungle about 200 yards away from the enemy camp. As the got closer, the started hearing tribal sounding music. Rai became like a chameleon, and Koban removed himself from perception. Rai, Wade, and Koban sneaked into the camp and observed that the men with guns were having some sort of loud ceremony. They started sneaking around the camp attempting to stealthily remove some of the weapons that were just laying around haphazardly.

Meanwhile, a the group hanging back with the convoy noticed someone sneaking up behind them. They went on the offensive and forced the rogue to show themselves, and to their surprise, it was a student from the Kyuka no Gyra. The student was relieved as well, and started talking to Fresh in Emis. Fresh conveyed that he was here with a group of about 30 students based in a cave a few miles north. Terrance Lex was leading the group, and they had found what seemed to be a stockpile of alien laser weapons. They have been having skirmishes with this tribe for months. Fresh left with the student to go get Terrance and put an end to this tribe once and for all.

A bit later, as the chanting got much louder, Terrance Lex returned with a few more people. He was very happy to see the other students, completely forgetting about their petty rivalry. Of the 30 students he was keeping safe, 12 of them had become gunners. Once they arrived, the group descended on the tribe.

Wade opened the fight with an immaculately placed grenade. Rai used the roar of the lion to scare them, and Yuko controlled their emotions to make them consider their better judgement and flee. Not a single student was hurt, and the entire tribe was killed or fled. One in particular, who had a gun cursed by Areana, got snagged and tangled up in a tent.

In the camp, about 80 or so bodies of dead students were identified. The group spent all night burying the dead. They eventually returned to Terrance’s base in the mountain cave, taking a select few of their projects with them.

The cave in the mountain was made of clean steel. It lead into a large area with six hangers. In one of the hangers was one of those bug people Mechs. Areana determined that it was not functional due to lacking fuel. Wolan determined that the necessary fuel was Lift Matter. The group was not powerful enough to use magic to create Lift Matter.

The large group of students held a party into the early evening. Rimosa from Skew Maws had grown a large amount of chicken, and everyone drank and feasted.

Fresh took a blood sample of himself and Calico to try and see why her blood didn’t turn blue. During his research he isolated the part of the blood that shows The Affliction. Calico had it all the same, the color and other factors were just different. Fresh also thought he happened upon a cure for The Affliction. However, when he tried it, all that happened is that he threw up blue blood and his blood turned red.


The students recovered their projects and medical supplies from the camp and finished burying the remaining dead. Terrance Lex and his crew were on board for the rescue mission, and the planning of such mission commenced. The plan was to split up and tackle the following issues:
  • Get Information about the fallen EOC base
  • Get support from the EOC
  • Get support from the neutral towns
A Harrowing Onset: Chapter 7
Clotting the Clan


The group headed out to visit a second ruin in the mountains to the north. Within the ruins they discovered nothing that the EOC hadn’t already documented.

They started to explore the outside of that mountain range, and discovered a road off to the west. The road lead up the mountains a ways and to a small shelf. The shelf was made of beautifully cut granite stone. They noticed markings on the stone as though something had been sitting on the stone and at one time removed.

While investigating, the group heard an explosion or some sort of impact from the south. Their eyes were drawn to EOC No 1 which appeared to have smoke rising from it. Rai used magic to take control of a dog he had become friends with back at the base. He determined that the base was under attack. As a side effect of the spell, Rai’s hearing was enhanced for the better part of that day. Yuko used magic to ban anyone from entering the infirmary who had violent intentions.

The group quickly made their way down to EOC No 1 to assist. On their way, they heard another group of vehicles quickly approaching. By the time they got there, the first wave of assailants had been neutralized. Yuko, Fresh, Baker, and Keston helped with the injured and in the infirmary.

Rai, Wolan, and Wade geared up to help defend. They waited for quite some time, but the vehicles did not arrive. Rai determined with his advanced hearing that the vehicles were waiting for a slower larger vehicle to catch up. Wade parked two enemy trucks in front of the hole in the wall.

The EOC general on site began issuing orders frantically, and the troops started to spread out. A large two-barreled tank had been spotted, and their strategy had to be modified.

The tank blew up the trucks that were plugging the hole in the wall. One of those trucks was launched to the doorway to the base, clogging it. Wade fired a LAW at the tank, and other soldiers started to do the same. Wolan shot up the treads on one side of the tank.

The tank blew a hole in the second story of the base. More LAW rounds disabled the tank cannon, and the tank retreated. On its retreat, the shot-up tank treads snapped, and it wheeled around, stopping at the outside of the wall. The vehicles pored in at this point. Wade continued to fire LAW rounds at them as Wolan shot out their tires. Rai disabled one of the vehicles with spider webs, while also deflecting gunfire with them.

The assailants had been neutralized. The general ordered everyone who could help to help fix up the broken piece in the wall. Fresh was seen staring at one of the dying assailants, and he sat there staring for hours. He eventually told Rai that he is getting out of here.

A Harrowing Onset: Chapter 5
Contracting the Broken Soul


The group of 15 started to explore the system of caves they had entered into. The two companions that Yuko had grabbed were discovered to not speak Omerian, nor did they seem to understand each other.

The cave was setup with a large main path with a large number of offshoots. The main tunnel lead them into a large room with worked stone. The room was at least 600 yards across, with large tarps hanging on all of the walls. There were stone compartments near the base of the walls that held strange canned food. Some of the compartments seemed cooled and had unspoiled meat in them.

There was a passage leading out of the room that appeared to be collapsed. The group removed the tarps to make rudimentary beds and discovered beautiful murals painted along every inch of the walls. The murals seemed to depict a white planet on the ceiling with angel type creatures with wire-frame wings. Drawn in all directions down the walls was a system of planets. A set of twin planets was identified near the bottom, thought to be Kyuka and Kyuak.

The group was exhausted from the activities and stress. They went to sleep in the large mural room.

That night, they all saw the Mysterious Man talking to another man who was difficult to discern. They were in the same metallic room with false walls that Wolan had seen previously. The Mysterious Man laid in his bed, looking up at a haze that showed the 15 of them resting in the cave. The other man yelled in, “He wants to see you now for a status update”. The Mysterious Man responded, “Wonderful. I have only good news to relay.”. A bright light started to shine in between the two of them. They both reared back as everyone woke up.

Multiple girls in the group woke up screaming at the top of their lungs, and one of the foreigners Yuko had grabbed ran out of the cave. Kesten, Wolan, Wade, and Chet tried to stop him, but in the end, he got away, running off into the jungle.

Yuko and Wolan tried to calm everyone down and confirm that they had indeed seen the same vision they did. Everyone eventually calmed down and finally got some rest.

That morning, the group managed to figure out that the remaining foreigner was named Fresh. Chet and Kesten left to go find some firewood. Fresh showed Wade that he had found a path through the offshoot tunnels that leads to the remove behind the caved in area.

The group started to explore this new room. It had murals as before, depicting a history of war. The race that drew the murals is depicted as being a bug-like people. The last event shown on the mural depicts a traitor among them, a large explosion of light, and ships leaving the moon.

The room had three doors out, two of which lead into pantries. The third door lead into a small room that glowed blue. The group discovered a fungus like creature growing out of the ceiling that emitted a blue light. The room also had some mechanical controls in it. There were stone drawers at the base of the wall as before, but they were locked.

One strange thing about this control room was the feeling that something was amiss with the walls. It was hard to place, but the walls just seemed strange. Yuko tried to figure out what was going on with that, and she became incredibly frustrated. Wolan attempred as well, and became very frustrated, but he located a piece of the wall that his intuitions told him was false.

Areana deduced that the mechanics in the room would not function because they had no power. Wade was able to get the locked compartment open and discovered 12 large containers of a strange blue liquid. They deduced that the liquid was some sort of blood.

While foraging, Chet and Kesten heard a vehicle coming. They hid behind the same cliff as before and peeked out. What they saw was a six-wheeler with two men with machine guns on it. On the back of he six-wheeler was the foreigner who had fled during the night. He was badly beaten and looked to be pointing out the cave. Chet and Kesten fled back into the cave after the vehicle left.

They met up with everyone else in the new room and quickly told them that men with guns may be coming. When they got down there, they started to hear large engines outside the cave entrance. Rai stacked up some crated from the pantries in front of the entrance to the new room.

Wolan just new that there was a way to get through the false wall. He tried dripping some of that blue blood on it, and to everyone’s surprise, the blood went straight through the wall as if it weren’t even there. The sound of the armed men entering the cave got louder, and the group began to drink the blue blood, and after a minute or two, they were able to escape through the false wall.

Shortly after drinking the blood, the group started to lose consciousness. Wade managed to bring all of the blood canisters inside the secret room they had found before falling unconscious.

Each student found themselves in a bright white area with a winged person of the opposite sex in front of them. The person was naked and beautiful. Each person understood that this angel represented their soul.

A crack manifested down the angel’s forehead, and rumbled until their head exploded and deep fissures down their body were gouged. Each person then saw a vision:
  • Areana – A vast land of technology. Working moving parts and gears.
  • Baker – Her father exiting a prison cell, only to be brutally stabbed by herself.
  • Calico – A large fissure appearing down a vast forest.
  • Chet – Himself succeeding in all endeavors throughout his life.
  • Fresh – A psychedelic array of colors constantly shifting.
  • Kesten – Himself kneeling before a Rhota statue in church.
  • Koban – The moon, the world, the universe, and more.
  • Misei – Beautiful monuments, endless in number.
  • Noda – Swords clashing on the side of a volcano erupting with liquid steel.
  • Rai – A large congregation of various animals, with a bear in front leading them all.
  • Vesheness – Herself in a pool of blood, covered from head to toe.
  • Wade – Himself becoming free of all constraints and one with the universe.
  • Wolan – Events throughout his life in fast-forward, slow motion, then in reverse.
  • Yuko – Friends of hers overjoyed, her family stricken with grief, herself lost and confused.
A Harrowing Onset: Chapter 4
Manic Voyage, Depressing Termination


Cerebral Landscape and Bakers had both gained a winning spot in the SOAC competition. Back at home, the group spent time with their families before the voyage.

Wade agreed to do media interviews in order to make money to pay of his father’s debt. He did not, however, renounce his ties with the Omerian Mafia, and Bodai gave him the information for a secure radio line to contact once at Kyuak.

Yuko was approached by an investigator named Chester Tanch. He asked her if she remembered anything else from the incident with the burning building, and she couldn’t remember. He told her that he was able to pull a partial DNA result from the victim, and he thinks that the victim may be related to Yuko’s family. Her dad assured her and the detective that no one in the family has died or gone missing. Yuko visited the grave of the unknown person who died in the fire, presumable the one person she was unable to save. She felt a strange connection at the gravestone.

Dr Belvidere told the students that he was the only SOAC sponsor to have two groups who placed. Because of that, he was guaranteed a teaching position aboard the Kyuka no Gyra. He also mentioned that their projects would all be loaded on to give a big presentation on Kyuak.


Cerebral Landscape and Bakers left for Emis to board the Kyuka no Gyra ship. At the launch site, they were able to at last lay their eyes on the enormous rhombus shaped vessel. They were given a brief tour and instructions on how to behave in space. The life support systems were very basic, and there would be no form of gravity during travel.

The ship had a large metallic frame, but the insides where separated into rooms only by low false walls. There was not a large amount of privacy, but everyone aboard was excited to try and get along. Yuko especially made efforts to make relations with the other groups. Even Fire Lex, who had barely placed high enough to qualify, did not give them any ill will.

During the trip, the students attended class, but the lessons were more lecture based, with no focus on tests or homework. There was a large amount of mandatory physical training, including the ever popular Zero G Dodgeball.

During the trip, Wolan hooked up with Misei from Bakers. They started going out early in the trip, and seemed to be happy for the rest of it.


About ten days before the ship was to land on Kyuak, the electrical systems on the ship shorted out. On the monitors in the cafeteria, the students all saw the image of the Mysterious Man standing on the outside of the ship. He had no form of life support, but seemed to be doing just fine. He reached down to part of the ship and removed a canister of Lift Matter. The students were completely unaware that the ship was even carrying any.

A misty haze appeared in space above him as he threw up blood. A metallic spire descended from the haze. The Mysterious Man then struck the ship with a large amount of force, tied himself to the spire, and then lost consciousness. The spire ascended back into the haze, and the man disappeared.

The ship began to feel like it had lost control. The students were ordered to get to safety and fasten in. Dr Belvidere helped the students get to their rooms and had to make do tying himself to one of the beds there. The captain started to assure everyone that everything was under control, but mid broadcast a crash was heard, then a quick sound almost like a gush of wind, and then silence.

The students felt gravity coming back, and the ship crash landed.

Many of the students began to tend to the injured as immediately. Some of the students started to try to get the ship open, and others left to explore the rest of the ship to see the damage. Chet and Wade left to examine the cockpit and the adult deck only to find the cockpit in ruins and the adult deck ablaze.

After warning everyone of the fire, the efforts to get out of the ship increased. The students managed to get the side of the ship open, revealing a vast jungle. They removed as much medical supplies, food, and SOAC projects as they could and ventured into the jungle.

They started to build a small camp outside the crash site. After about a half an hour, two different groups of students took some supplies and left in different directions. Within the next four hours, three more groups did the same. The majority of the students (about 120) stayed at the camp.

That evening, Wade climbed to the top of one of the trees to peek outside of the canopy. It is there that he saw the planet of Kyuak in the sky, realizing now that they had crashed on a moon. He also saw a mountainous area off to the east where it looked like they could get a better vantage point.

Areana salvaged some radio equipment and tried to call for help. She heard chatter on the radio from time to time but could not even recognize the language. None of the students could.

The group made fires and spent the night at their camp. Dr Belivedere went back to the burning ship, and Wade followed him. He recovered the security tape of what was shown on the displays. DB was very convinced that this was some kind of sham and that this Mysterious Man tape was doctored ahead of time.

He met up with Chet and Wolan. The four of them watched the different security footage and noticed that one of the tapes from a different angle revealed another figure involved. It was a Dark Figure with the frame of angel wings on its back. This dark figure observed the Mysterious Man and took two more canisters of Lift Matter before disappearing. DB kept the disc on him.


In the middle of the night, the group started to hear noises from the jungle. DB started to tell everyone to stay calm when a loud gunshot was heard. The bullet hit DB in between the eyes, blowing off the back of his skull. More automatic gunfire was heard, and the students quickly scattered.

Kesten and Baker along with the rest of their group ran off towards the mountains that Wade had spotted earlier. Wade, Calico, and Areana went with them. Wolan grabbed Misei and followed.

Chet ran off towards the burning ship, but eventually made his way into the mountains.

Yuko stayed with Dr Belvidere, removing a pendant from his neck and the disc he had. She grabbed two students who hadn’t fled yet, and fled with them into the mountains.

Rai stayed hidden near the camp, set on getting a glimpse of the assailants. He eventually saw that they looked like humans with machine guns. He safely retreated to the mountains.

The group of 15 hid behind a cliff side as screams and gunfire continued in the camp. They made their way up the mountain and found a cave. They concealed the entrance to the cave as best as they could and started to venture in…

A Harrowing Onset: Chapter 3
Superscience Syndrome


Almost immediately after placing in regionals, the group began to prepare for nationals. To do well in nationals, they needed to provide some key components:
  • A physical demonstration of their project
  • References from the science community backing their work

For the physical demonstration, they decided to build a small remote controlled airplane. They started engineering their new engine and the plane right away.


Wade’s father came home looking a little drunk with glee. Wade avoided him for the most part, and the next morning, he told Wade that things are going to get better now. Wade was not entirely sure what he meant.

The next day, Wade was approached by another student named Bodai. Bodai told him to follow him out to his car. Wade was caught a bit off guard and went with him, entering an extravagant fleet of limousines.

Inside the limo was Bodai and The Speaker. The drive was silent for quite some time, until Bodai opened up the sun roof and stood up. The Speaker urged Wade to do the same. As they stood out of the car, countless sakura leaves blew throughout the sky and a large warehouse was visible in the distance. Lining the entire road there were people dressed in very nice clothes.

Once inside the warehouse, there was a fancy raised platform with an elaborate coffin resting on it. Bodai left the limo to attend a funeral service. He appeared to feel ambivalent about the event.

Wade was then left alone only with The Speaker. He started to explain the situation.
Bodai’s father died last night. Although the official story is that he died of cardiac arrest, our first responders believe the true cause to be food poisoning. (He strongly implied that Wade’s father was responsible) Due to the fact that Bodai’s father was abusive to say the least, the murder will be forgiven. However, we cannot reconcile the amount of debt your father has accrued.”

The Speaker continued to explain to Wade that he would be responsible for paying off his father’s debt by working at Bodai’s side. He reluctantly threatened to force Amerka to pay for it if Wade was unwilling.

From then on, Wade became involved with The Omerian Mafia. While studying and working on SOAC, he made time to tend to the mafia’s wishes. His focus was on corporate extortion.


While researching remote control planes, Calico crashed a small RC plane through the second story window of a large mansion. She couldn’t see any signs of anyone being home, so she decided to go get the plane back. She tried climbing a nearby tree, but the branches turned out to not be strong enough and she scratched up her hands.

She then tried the front door, which was oddly unlocked. After yelling hello multiple times, she dashed to the room where the plane was. After recovering the plane, she noticed an odd smell and began to search around the mansion. She eventually broke into the basement, and while she was searching around, she placed her hand in some Strange Liquid. The liquid was a blue-green color, definitely the source of the odd smell, and it was all over her cut-up hand. She removed the container the liquid was in, only to see a large bio hazard symbol on it.

After washing the liquid off, she went to the hospital, taking the liquid with her. The doctors confiscated the liquid, and after some testing, they told her that they couldn’t find anything wrong with her. She was instructed to come to the emergency room if she starts feeling ill.


The group was hard at work, and they were getting very close to a finished physical product. Areana and Yuko went to talk with Dr Xyn about getting scientific references for their presentation. Xyn said he may be able to put them in contact with some people. However, he once again warned both girls of the danger of the SOAC project, but they remained determined. He put them in contact with Dr Svenson from Emis. Svenson was scheduled to visit and see a personal demo in a couple weeks.


The group had finished building their plane, and were in the testing stages. They cashed in their favor from the government to get a top of the line military grade fuel kit.

During their demo to Dr Svenson, Chet saw a vast dark landscape with two large pillars. On one pillar, was their super engine, quickly gathering energy. On the other pillar was a ball of fire, also gathering energy. He started to see hands waving on either side, causing the energies to grow. The electrical energy and flame energy dashed towards each other, taking on a human form. As they were about to come into conflict, they froze in place, as Chet got a clear view panning over both of the people controlling the energies. On the left, was an epic version of himself manipulating the engine energy. On the right, was an epic version of Terrance Lex manipulating the fire energy. The entire scene lit up with a bright flash, and Chet came to. Chet’s friends got control of the plane before it crashed.

Dr Svenson observed the flight and the readings. He was impressed be the power and efficiency of the engine. It looked as though they weren’t even using 5% of their engine’s capacity due to the limits of radio control. Dr Svenson gave them an impressive reference letter, and said he would be following their presentation at nationals.


With their project polished and ready to go, the group, along with Bakers took a plane out to Metro Cirkon to compete in nationals. They arrived a few days early to prepare their projects after travel.

While there, before the day of the competition, Kesten handed out fake IDs to the men in Bakers and Cerebral Landscape. They proceeded to attend a strip club. Several of the men left with ladies. Chet made a point to leave with two.

While waiting outside his shared room (like a good friend would), Wolan heard an argument brewing in one of the rooms. It sounded like one of the strippers was threatening Koban at knife point. Koban refused to turn over his wallet, and the stripper attacked him. Wolan intercepted and the stripper ran off. Koban ended up only with a cut on his cheek.

The next day, Kesten mentioned that DB went to talk to that stripper’s pimp and that everything was taken care of.


Nationals was a three day event. The group presented well, with part of the group on stage, and the other part flying the RC plane to demonstrate the engine. They managed 10th place, which was enough to move on to internationals. Bakers and Fire Lex also placed high enough to move on to internationals.


The group started their improvements for internationals as fast as possible. They only had a month and a half to prepare this time, and after getting such a low place in nationals, they knew they had to kick it up a notch and really impress to place in internationals.

They started making improvements to turn the RC plane into a manned plane. After that was successful, they organized a test run. Dr Svenson was able to clear some airspace for them, but he requested that they use more of the output of their engine and attempt to cycle the planet.

Chet boarded the newly manable plane, and began to fly off. Not far off into the flight, he unleashed the full force of the engine. He made it around the world in 15 minutes and decided to keep going for a second run. He eventually made it around 3 times in the 30 minute timespan that was alloted. Dr Svenson was overjoyed, and the rest of the group was quite impressed as well. Once landed, one of the plane’s wings fell off, and the group knew they had to get to work.

Internationals would be a three week process, and Dr Svenson assured them he would pull some strings so they could go on the last week, giving them plenty of time to repair their plane. Cerebral Landscape did some research online and in the media, discovering that their plane had been spotted in many countries, however no one was able to identify what it was. It was given many names, but when translated from their native languages, they all came out as The Blur.


Cerebral Landscape and Bakers traveled to Ankostin, Emis. They arrived a week early and worked on the finishing touches of their project onsite.

Their presentation went well. They opened up referencing the media coverage of the blue, as Chet started up the plane and punched out of site. It was revealed to the audience that this phenomenon was indeed a SOAC project. During this run, Chet managed to cycle Kyuka four times, the last cycle clocking in at 3 minutes.

The group left internationals with third place. Bakers took seventh. They headed back home; only one month was alloted to prepare for the voyage.

A Harrowing Onset: Chapter 2
Symptoms of Fate


The next day at school, Wolan and Yuko took note of a television broadcast about a government cleanup operation going on at Bowrworthy’s theater. Bowrworthy was taken in under suspicion of withholding evidence. Yuko’s friend Huruen quickly distracted Wolan, and the day proceeded normally from that point.

The group decided to go check out the scene.

On the scene, they met up of some police who questioned them if they knew anything about the situation. They withheld any information they had, however the police suspected such and exchanged contact information before parting ways.


Wolan decided it would be best to turn in the information they had uncovered about the security deposit box. He told his parents, and his dad drove him to the law enforcement center. On the way, their car was struck (purposely) by another car in oncoming traffic. Wolan’s father was dazed for a minute, and Wolan got out of the car. Stepping out of the other car was the man in the hoodie who had handed Wolan the theater flyer. His face was bloody and bruised as if he had been badly beaten. He drew a knife and began to pursue Wolan.

Wolan ran as fast as he could, but was not able to avoid getting cut. A strong good samaritan stepped out into the ally way and got a hold of Wolan’s assailant. Wolan quickly ran back to assist his father.

The police arrived shortly, and the Good Samaritan was seen delivering them the unconscious body. He then started asking Wolan some odd questions and saying some strange things: “What do you think about freedom? Do you value it?” “That man tried to take away your freedom in the most horrible way.” “Don’t forget how important freedom is to you and to everyone.”

The police chief picked up Wolan and his father. He agreed to be a go-between for Wolan handing over information the government wanted. Later, Wolan was given thanks from the government for handing the information over. They offered him $15,000 or government assistance in his SOAC project. Wolan took the assistance.


Upon coming home from school, Rai was greeted by his younger sister, Sui. She had called earlier to see if he would go fishing with her, and to her delight, he was up for it when he got home.

While fishing, Sui confessed that she had been approached by a creepy man in a trench coat. He warned her to stay away from Rai so she doesn’t get sick. Rai assured her that he was fine and that he would go to the doctor.

Rai contacted the authorities, who eventually saw he man in question but were unable to question heim. Rai also went to the doctor and was given a clean bill of health.


The group came back from break, ready for a new semester, and driven to work on their SOAC project. They had come up with a solid topic and a name for their group.

SOAC Group: Cerebral Landscape
Leader: None Decided
Topic: Breakthrough Propulsion Engines
Members: Areana, Calico, Chet, Rai, Wade, Wolan, Yuko

The first day back, they met with their SOAC representative, Dr Belvidere. DB was impressed by the bit of presentation they brought on the first day, but warned them that the end game winners of this competition will be those who cut class and make other sacrifices to win.

Also at that meeting, the group got to meet two other groups participating in the SOAC competition.

The first group they met was a group named Bakers. This group is lead by a junior named Baker Stevens. Their topic was making efficient use out of nuclear waste.

SOAC Group: Bakers
Leader: Baker Stevens
Topic: Productive Use of Nuclear Waste
Members: Baker, Kesten, Koban, Misei, Noda, Vesheness

The second group they met came in late, and were called Show Style. This was a group of country kids who wanted to do a project on terraforming.

SOAC Group: Show Style
Leader: Francis Black
Topic: Terraforming
Members: Eve Black, Francis Black, Joe Caperton, Kyle Black, Shawn Oken


On her way home from school, Yuko smelled the thick smell of smoke. She rode her bike in that direction and came across a burning building, and there were screams coming form the building, crying for help.

The next thing she knew, she was standing outside of the building, surrounded by emergency buildings. The fire fighters began to yell at here to get away from the building. She noticed the people who were yelling for help were now being escorted safely to the ambulances. Yuko was still in a daze, and one of the firefighters tackled her out of the burning doorway, which soon after erupted into flame.

The officers and firefighters praised Yuko for her brave help as they rushed her to the hospital. She didn’t remember a thing about helping anyone.


The group had made amazing progress on their SOAC project, and headed out to the regional competition. While there, they were able to see some other projects. For the first round of judging, the judges walked around to each project and picked the top 50 that would be presented on stage. Cerebral Landscape and Bakers were both selected. It was later found out that Show Style was kicked off the premises due to disorderly conduct.

During their on stage performance, Calico found herself enclosed in a clay room. She sat down in the middle of the room and began to panic. Eventually, the ceiling began to cave in. She crawled out of a hole in the ceiling and found that she was on the top of a castle floating in space. Her eyes met with the sun and the vision stopped.

During this vision, the other members of Cerebral Landscape ushered her off stage and recovered well during their presentation. Because of their excellent material, preparation, and recovery, they were able to snag second place.

In first place was a group called Fire Lex, lead by Terrance Lex. Their topic was new industrial and warfare uses for napalm. Terrance made sure to brush shoulders with the group, being forward about his intentions to make them his rival in the upcoming competitions. Bakers placed high enough to go on to nationals as well.

The group headed home with only three months to prepare for nationals.

Experience Awarded: 2 XP, 0 IP

A Harrowing Onset: Chapter 1
SOAC Fever


A group of Omerian students decided to enter this competition. They lived in a northern Omeron region by the ocean, in a medium-large town called KotisRye. This group consisted of seven freshmen:

The group began working on their project a couple months before winter break. They decided to develop a new efficient and powerful propulsion system. They began holding meetings to work on this at Wade’s house. During these meetings, Wade’s father would drop by from time to time looking like something very heavy was on his mind.

On the way to these meetings, Wolan started to notice a strange set of bicycles parked out in front of a supermarket. They’re were six of them, and they were all identical bikes, appropriate for an adult male to ride. Upon further investigation, he found that each bike had a lock, all set to the same combination.

In the mean time, Areana helped out her mother, who was trying to go back to college. It is there that she met Dr Xyn, whom her mother was clearly trying to make a good impression on. Xyn warned Areana that the SOAC project was dangerous. Maybe it would be safer to go on the second or third civilian spacecraft. Areana stated that it was a great opportunity and remained resolved to move forward.


Wade started getting worried about his father acting so strange lately. He called his sister, Amerka, but she didn’t know about anything strange going on with dad either. After some investigation, Wade found a manila envelope with pictures of himself at school. The pictures looked to be taken from a car. Wade started to suspect that his father may be involved in something dangerous, and his son’s life is being used as a threat.


Wolan saw a Mysterious Man dressed in a red satin gi. He was in a massive metal room, with low artificial walls created what looked like either a work or living space. A man that was hazy approached him, and as he approached, Wolan saw that the Mysterious Man had a hazy mist he was sifting through with his hands. In the mist, Wolan could see himself sleeping in bed. The hazy figure asks
“Are you sure that’s safe?” “Yes, it is fine. Everything is going very well”, he replied. The room started to get lighter, and when it became very bright, Wolan woke up in his own bed.

Yuko found herself in the dark reaches of space, staring at a clay wall. She began to dig through it frantically. Once on the other side, the wall started to collapse, followed closely by the universe. Then, with a bright flash of light, she awoke in the middle of class, standing up abruptly in her chair.


Wolan decided to pursue the crazy bike lock incident. He determined that some of the numbers may refer to a date in the future, and as he stood around outside the supermarket, he was approached by a man in a hoodie.

The man walked up to him slowly and gave him a flyer. The man then walked off. It was an advertisement for Felix Bowrworthy’s small run down movie theater. Wolan pieced together that the flyer matched a movie and time with the numbers on the bike locks. He decided to share this information with his SOAC project friends, and a group of them went down to the movies.


At the theater, the group decided to see the documentary. In said theater, they found a note suspiciously crumpled up in one of the walk ways. This note had bank account information that led to an account number only safety deposit box.

When they opened the box, the found an oddly shaped stone, propped up by metal wires. The stone was very heavy, and its weight shifted when handled, leading the group to believe that there was something heavy inside the stone. They put it back and left the bank.


The group continued to work on their SOAC project over break.

Experience Awarded: 2 XP, 0 IP


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