A Harrowing Onset

A group of students, called Cerebral Landscape, from Kyuka entered into a competition held by Outer Century to become the first civilians to travel in space.

The students placed in the competition, however their ship was crashed mid flight by a Mysterious Man.

The students found themselves on Kyuak’s moon, Oroneal. They soon learned that Oroneal is a dangerous land populated with criminals and murderers.

On Oroneal, Cerebral Landscape contracted The Affliction, a disease that opens the soul, granting amazing power along with horrific burden.

Cerebral Landscape began to try and rescue the rest of the students who had been captured after the ship crashed. They eventually joined up with other students and military groups on Oroneal and rescued a number of students by force.

During their last rescue mission, they encountered the Mysterious Man in person and fought with him. Their victory was unsatisfying – the man was sure to be seen again.

Ships from Kyuka picked up the students about half a year after their crash and took them back to Kyuka.

Some believe they could then live out their lives normally, but The Affliction doesn’t let anyone off that easy.

A Harrowing Onset

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