• Full Name: Baker Stevens
  • Birth Year: 2747
  • Residence: KotisRye
  • Known Chakras: Revenge

Baker is a medium height asian girl with strikingly good looks. She dresses conservatively, always wearing some sort of long sleeve shirt.

Baker is soft spoken. She seems shy but is often just frustrated or upset. She tries to be good to the people around her and can crumble in stressful situations.

Baker had a horrific upbringing ever since she was 11 years old. Her father abused her and her mother in just about every disgraceful way imaginable. This went on for two whole years before her mother finally turned him in to the police. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Three months later, her mother committed suicide.

Baker was later found attempting suicide and was taken into custody of the state. A family affiliated with the local Rentaysa agreed to take her in, and that is where she met Kesten. The two of them became like siblings, and to this day Kesten, fully aware of her gruesome past, remains very protective of her.


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