• Full Name: Misei Akidura
  • Birth Year: 2748
  • Residence: KotisRye
  • Known Chakras: Stone

Misei is a normal looking asian girl. She pays attention to her appearance and has a cute and/or innocent look to her.

Despite her appearance, Misei is not a naive girl. She has been known to take advantage of the cute look, but when something serious needs to get done, she is not shy or incompetent. Over anything else, the best way to describe Misei’s behavior is genuine. She pays real attention to those who talk with her and forges deep relationships, even with what would normally be casual friends.

The Akidura family has been a powerful one for centuries. They are famous for their support in war efforts. The family is also suspected of being behind a history of political assassinations going back hundreds of years.

Omeron is the fifth country Misei has lived in. Her family moved often to avoid persecution when she was little. She has lived in KotisRye ever since she was 12. In KotisRye, it did not take Akidura long to buck horns with the Omerian Mafia. As much as her parents wish a normal high school life for her, Misei has to always have her wits about her.

Misei’s two-sided behavior has followed her throughout her life. She plays the role of the bubbly student, but she is aware that is indulging in a fantasy. Misei has been quite mature and capable as an adult ever since she was 10.


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